Is a Shredded Memory Foam Body Pillow for You?

People often tend to think of pillows as mere bedding accessories that also provide extra sleeping comfort. And yet, your average pillow does nothing extra to make your sleep comfortable. For instance, if you prefer to sleep on your side, then you might be familiar with shoulder pain, as your shoulders lay unsupported all through the night. This is an indication that you need a specially designed memory foam body pillow.

If you are a stomach sleeper, you put extra pressure on your back, leaving it susceptible to back problems. With time, this sleeping position can also lead to a host of illnesses like sleep apnea, spine disorders, and snoring. A bamboo body pillow could be your solution to a healthy sleeping position at night.

People often tend to think of pillows as mere bedding accessories that also provide extra sleeping comfort. And yet, your average pillow does nothing extra to make your sleep comfortable. For instance, if you prefer to sleep on your side, then you might be familiar with shoulder pain, as your shoulders lay unsupported all through the night. This is an indication that you need a specially designed memory foam body pillow.

If you are a stomach sleeper, you put extra pressure on your back, leaving it susceptible to back problems. With time, this sleeping position can also lead to a host of illnesses like sleep apnea, spine disorders, and snoring. A bamboo body pillow could be your solution to a healthy sleeping position at night.

If you are a straight sleeper, meaning that you sleep on your back, your sides lay vulnerable to uncoordinated and possibly jerky movements through the night, which invites pain. Regardless of your sleeping position, there are always some parts of your body that lay unsupported, and therefore remain uncomfortable. And all this happens while your ordinary pillow rests ignorantly through the night, while you toss and turn through restlessness, desperately seeking that elusive comfort of sleep! Is your pillow a mere bedding accessory? Possibly, yes. Is your body enjoying extra comfort through sleep? Possibly, no!

Fortunately, a cooling body pillow works as a one-stop solution for all your sleeping needs.

What Exactly Is a “Body” Pillow?

Unlike the conventional pillow, this is designed to support your entire body and not just your neck. Body pillows span the entire length of your frame, from head to toe. This immediately brings forward several advantages.

Side sleeper body pillows are considered luxury pillows. They are made of superior quality memory foam so the pillow contours to your body’s shape. This maximizes coverage. Furthermore, they are made of natural fabrics, which allow the pillow, and your body, to comfortably breathe through the night without overheating.

The pillow’s shape – which is long and narrow while maintaining optimal fluff – ensures that your entire body feels delightfully cushioned, while effortlessly easing it into deep sleep in minutes. It also keeps your spine consistently aligned through the night, so you are protected from back problems.

The body pillow is especially useful to pregnant women, not just during their trimesters, but also after delivery, as it can easily double up as a nursing pillow. Hence, it is sometimes referred to as a ‘pregnancy pillow’.

But it is not just expectant mothers who deserve this superior bedding comfort. In fact, as you will discover below, the shredded memory foam body pillow is a vital bedding ingredient for anybody who thrives on high quality sleep!

How It All Began – The History of Sleep Pillows

When you study the history of any item, you also understand the fundamental purpose of that item. You may be surprised to discover that sleep pillows were introduced to humanity as early as 7,000 BC, by the ancient yet highly evolved Mesopotamian civilization.

This idea spread to Egypt, where pillows were an extravagance enjoyed by the wealthy, and formed out of stone and wooden materials. Their intention was to use it to keep away bugs and other insects that could interfere with sound sleep.
Soon, the Chinese jumped in with their quintessential adaptations to this essential item. Pillows were now created from other complementary materials like bamboo, porcelain and jade. With time, the Greeks introduced the luxury of soft yet fluffy cloth pillows, including a superior stuffing made of cotton, straw and feathers.
By the 20th century, the entire world had caught on to this sleeping bandwagon. But what has remained consistent across these global adaptions is the vital purpose of pillows – to enhance the quality of sleep, as this automatically enhances the quality of life during the day.

Today, sleep pillows are now manufactured by textile companies in large numbers, making them easily accessible for all. Body pillows for side sleepers are luxuriant yet affordable adaptations that stay true to the original purpose, as can be seen through their simple yet effective design.

Why You Should Invest in a Body Pillow

The body pillow can provide a universal solution for several sleep-triggered problems, here are 4 reasons why you should invest in a body pillow

1. Ideal for Side Sleepers

Body pillows double up as effective side-sleeper pillows. Exclusive side-sleeper pillows are also available. With its shape, it supports not just the side of your neck, but also your shoulders, torso, hips, thighs, knees, and feet. Regular side-sleepers will understand what a luxury it is, to wake up without unexplained pain in any of those body parts!

2. Ideal for Back/Stomach Sleepers, Too!

Yes, it really does suit every conceivable sleeping position, simply because it can twist and work its way through several parts of the body. This is a boon for stomach sleepers, as using a bamboo body pillow below the abdominal region can reduce excess pressure on the back. You can also tuck the lower half between your knees, which helps to further improve spinal alignment.
Finally, very few people tend to stick with one sleeping posture all night. As humans, we tend to experiment with sleeping positions, multiple times through the night, until we are able to relax into a satisfying position. With a memory foam pillow that spans your entire body, any sleeping position is surprisingly enjoyable, quickly leading to deep, restful sleep.

3. Relieves Multiple Health Disorders

If you sleep next to a sound “snorer”, then you already understand how supremely annoying it can get. But you may not understand that it is equally uncomfortable for both you and the snorer! In fact, snoring is a health disorder caused by disturbed breathing during sleep. As you can imagine, this is often triggered by uncomfortable or incorrect sleeping positions.

Snoring can alarmingly lead to sleep apnea when left untreated. This can cause restrictive breathing during sleep, and in its most chronic case, can lead to a fatal cardiac arrest during sleep!

A side sleeper body pillow helps to elevate the upper body while you sleep. This eases pressure on the respiratory system and automatically regulates breathing, due to the natural flow of air caused by gravity. With this, you not only sleep better, but also breathe better, and better yet-you can be snore-free all night!
The upper-body elevation from a body pillow can also immensely help patients suffering from chronic digestive disorders like acid reflux, GERD, abdominal bloating, and poor digestion, which are prone to occur during the night.

These issues can actually worsen when people sleep shortly after a meal, without giving the food enough time to move to the stomach for effective digestion. The result is an intensely uncomfortable abdominal region, which further affects the quality of sleep. It’s no wonder many people suffering from these issues tend to wake up feeling sluggish and barely rested.

Untreated, these health issues can eventually lead to more serious health disorders like pancreatic cancer, kidney stones, and chronic indigestion amongst many others. Fortunately, a simple body pillow can provide surprisingly effective yet rapid relief due to the elevated alignment of the body.

4. Pain Relief

If you suffer from “unexplained” pains typically caused by gas formation in parts of the body, you will be surprised at the enormous relief you experience after a night using a body pillow.

A memory foam pillow is ergonomically designed to align your spine, regardless of your posture. As that old adage goes, “When your spine is aligned, your body feels fine.”

This also holds well for genuine pains and strains caused by athletics and body workouts, muscle pulls, and of course, incorrect spinal posture (like hunching, or sitting in an uncomfortable chair for long periods of time). The length of the body pillow supports multiple sets of your fatigued muscles, so they quickly gain relief from pain.

For all of the above reasons, cooling body pillows are also called ‘therapeutic pillows’. They can provide the relief of physiotherapy, but at a fraction of the cost!

Why is a Body Pillow the Perfect Gift for Pregnant Women?

As women will tell you, pregnancy can be a time of intense highs and lows with the body, sometimes multiple times during the day.

An enlarged abdominal region caused by a growing baby can be tough on the mother’s body. First, it puts excess pressure on the back. Secondly, pregnant women can also be vulnerable to nausea, abdominal bloating or flatulence, swollen ankles and feet, etc. The weight gain also makes it difficult to find a satisfying resting position that is not harmful to the baby. Yet, a need for rest is indisputable.

As discussed above, a memory foam body pillow – also called as a pregnancy pillow – helps to align the spine, providing quick relief from several gas-triggered aches and pains. A pregnant woman can also use this while sitting, so the relief is consistently experienced through night and day.

In fact, constant use can significantly improve digestion, respiration and air circulation. This can be a tremendous boon for the hardworking pregnant woman, especially from week 20 onwards. The long body pillow can also be used to cushion various parts of the body – like swollen knees, tired feet, etc. – to relieve muscle fatigue.

A bamboo body pillow can help a pregnant woman keep her cool, both literally and metaphorically! The breathable quality of the memory foam body pillows ensures that the sleeper does not feel unduly heated as she rests. With this, her resting period is not only undisturbed, but also rejuvenating.

Furthermore, mothers are known to provide the best hugs, but who best hugs (expectant) mothers? Turn to the enormously ‘huggable’ body pillow for a feel-good cuddle, as it also triggers that wondrous feeling of being cherished and at peace! Best of all, you can do this all night while also enjoying the benefits of a good sleep.

Finally, a pregnancy pillow’s work does not stop after delivery. With its flexibility and surprising versatility, it can easily be used as a cushy nursing pillow, as it continues to support both the glowing mother and the precious baby.

Can a Body Pillow Be Used by the Disabled?

Absolutely, yes! In fact, try it once and you will quickly discover that it should be labelled as a ‘must-have’ piece of equipment for anyone working with physical challenges with their body.

Here, you should know that the side sleeper body pillow is not a stuffed piece of fluff that can only be placed straight. It can be folded below the neck for support, and subsequently curved around the back for extra cushioning and proper spinal alignment. It can also be twisted around the legs, folding across the knees and gently receding at the ankles, to support these parts of the body. Finally, its size makes it perfect for use for those with autistic sensibilities, as they can feel “stifled” during sleep. With a body pillow, you cannot help but soak in the luxury of space.

As you may have guessed, the shredded memory foam body pillow is versatile and ultra-flexible, so you can happily twist and turn it to cushion and support any part of the body. In turn, it aligns your spine and provides relief from muscle fatigue, pain and other illnesses that can otherwise worsen during sleep.

Types of Body Pillows and Their Usage

The simplest form of the body pillow is designed to look like a life-sized ‘I’. It is long and narrow, but ideal for all sleeping positions. For this, ensure that you use the top part to support your neck, and gently curve the pillow to support your upper and lower back. For additional cushioning, you can twist the pillow around your knees and let it settle along your ankles.

The extended version of the body pillow is ‘J’ shaped, like a candy cane. This is ideal for side sleepers, and the shape is already designed to support both your neck and your back.

If you sleep on your stomach (typically, this is not recommended by doctors), tuck a portion of the pillow below your tummy, and twist it around to also support your body. This will help you protect your back while you gradually transition into a better sleeping posture.

For pregnant women, a body pillow can be a huge source of relief, shaped like a giant ‘C’. This is intentionally designed so as to cover you on all sides. The top supports your neck and shoulders while the longer edge supports your upper and lower back and your legs.

The bottom part can be tucked between your knees and finally rest just below your ankles. (It can also be used to elevate ankles for relief from pain and swelling.) In this position, so you derive the maximum possible support for your nurturing body.

Tips for Restful Sleep with a Body Pillow

Regardless of your style of body pillow or your sleeping position, use these tips to ease into regular bouts of rejuvenating sleep.

  • Begin by resting on your back, as this is ideal for aligning the spine.
  • Next, surround yourself with the body pillow, such that it supports your neck and back.
  • From here, gently turn to your preferred sleeping position, while ensuring that your spine remains aligned. If you go to sleep feeling an uncomfortable twitch along your spinal region, chances are that you will wake up feeling much worse.
  • If you have recently indulged in a strenuous physical workout – like jogging, basketball, or a stint at the gym – your leg muscles are bound to feel tired as they support your entire body weight. Don’t ignore them during sleep. For this, you can tuck the lower part of the pillow between your knees and use the end to elevate your feet. This will improve blood circulation in these areas and relieve muscle fatigue.
  • Remember to position the pillow based on what your body demands. For instance, some of you may need extra support for the upper back, while some others may need the cushion to relieve lower back pain (especially during menstruation).
  • Finally, remember to switch off from electronic devices that engage your mind – like the TV, smartphones, laptops, etc. – at least 30 minutes before you sleep. The body pillow can prepare your body for rest in a matter of minutes. But if your mind continues to stay active and restless, that rejuvenating dose of sleep will still continue to elude you.

A memory foam pillow is versatile, and not restricted to the bedroom. If you feel the need for extra support while sitting, especially during pregnancy, or while recovering from surgery, don’t hesitate to invite your trusty body pillow into your living room, or even your office. It can be a loyal companion, constantly offering you a pain-free experience.

Choose High Quality Body Pillows at Affordable Prices from Xtreme Comforts!
In summary, a body pillow is a versatile sleeping piece, designed to help you rest more quickly and easily. It comes in different shapes for varied requirements and can be personalized for your size with customized filling. In addition, it also contours to your body’s shape, providing it with the right alignment, along with superior cushioning and support.

You can benefit with improved digestion, enhanced breathing and air circulation, better health, and ultimately, a better quality of life.

To order your superior quality body pillow, check out these exciting offers from Xtreme Comforts today!

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